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Balkan Marbled White



With key species flying at different times of the year, this trip was broken into two segments – a spring trip targeting False Apollo and Southern Festoon in the north of the country, then an early summer trip to the mountain massifs of Parnassus and Chelmos in the south, hoping to find Europe's smallest butterfly, the Grass Jewel, plus a rich abundance of and diversity of other species.





PART ONE. Quest for the False Apollo, 29 March - 6 April 2018.


False Apollo



One of the rarest European butterflies, the European range of False Apollo is restricted to just a few localities in north-eastern Greece and associated islands. With the species flying at the end of March and early April, this nine-day trip was primarily dedicated to finding this butterfly, with other targets being other early-fliers such as Southern Festoon, Powdered Brimstone and Gurner's Orange Tip.



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PART TWO. A Tale of Two Mountains, 14 June - 18 June 2018.


Grass Jewel



Concentrating on two mountains in southern Greece, namely Mount Parnassus and Mount Chelmos, this short trip focussed on a range of the endemics and semi-endemics, the primary targets being Grass Jewel and assorted other species of blue. Over and above that, the basic idea was to just enjoy the clouds of butterflies that grace these areas in early summer.




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