Baltic Mammal Challenge, February
Written by Jos   

Grey Seal




Month two of the challenge, European Bison appear on the list, so too odds and ends such as Red Squirrel, European Beaver, Brown Hare and Wild Boar. Top additions however, both courtesy of a trip to Estonia, the duo Grey Seal and Ringed Seal.



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 February 2015 )
Baltic Mammal Challenge, 2015
Written by Jos   





In lands inhabited by elusive critters such as European Lynx, Brown Bear and Flying Squirrel, I have decided to dedicate 2015 to an attempt on a 'Big Year' in the three Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), the overly optimistic target being to see somewhere near 50 species of mammals by the year's end.

Last Updated ( Friday, 06 February 2015 )
Otter Surprise!
Written by Jos   

Trip Cam



In the frozen and snowy nights of Labanoras, a surprise visitor! First noticed by tracks in the snow, a superb Otter arrived on about 10th January, remaining present into February. With all water frozen, how was the animal hunting? A simple answer, it was accessing the water through a disused Beaver lodge, burrowing through from the area above ice and presumably thereafter searching for hibernating frogs, etc, in the otherwise inaccessible water.



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