2007, a year of birding highs.
Written by Jos   

Great Grey OwlBy any account, 2007 was an excellent year! With trips to Uganda, Morocco, the Western Sahara and the United States, plus more local forays into Belarus and Poland, it was a grand year for birding adventures. Whether standing looking at Azure Tits in a toilet in the Pripyet Valley, or Great Grey Owls in the deep dark forests nearby, or Shoebills in the Mbamba Swamps or even migrants galore amongst the high-rises of New York, my foreign ventures were marked by their amazing luck and success.

On a local scale too, the year was memorable - not least for the Rollers on my  Labanoras land, the Bee-eater that flew over and the arrival of a super White-backed Woodpecker at the feeders, the cream to a haven now boasting seven woodpecker White Storkspecies! Elsewhere, in a quieter year than most, Baltoji Voke continued to provide the goodies - both Whiskered Terns and Mediterranean Gulls breeding for the first time, a whole bunch of passage Broad-billed Sandpipers and, rolling in as a first for the country, a Bonaparte's Gull in October.

However, for all the memories of the year, the event that stood out above all others was the dramatic saga of the stork battles in my garden - the conflict that left two chicks dead and me stunned. Ultimately successful, the story finally ended on a high with the fight and migration of the two remaining chicks ...weeks of care finally paying off!


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Fulvous Babbler



January. Home and Away, pure quality. 

February. A mega bevy of peckers!

March. Baltic Spring, butterflies and ice.

April. Lithuania, Belarus and Poland, good days in all.

May. Lithuania, migrants and nestboxes!

June. Stunning days, Belarus and Lithuania both!

July. Fledglings, butterflies and odonata.Short-billed Dowitcher

August. On the move, storks and waders.

September. Autumn dawning.

October. Mega-birding, rallies and rares.

November. Waxwing Roadshow!

December. Back to the Tropics, Ugandan Express.






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