Spring Ongoing. April 2019.
Written by Jos   

Camberwell Beauty





Spring in the air, a warm week kicking the month off with seven species flying, including good numbers of Large Tortoiseshells and Yellow-legged Tortoiseshells, plus Camberwell Beauties.



    1-8 April. Ongoing Spring.

    Undeniably spring - pleasant sunny days, 14-17 C.

    And with it, a continuing run of early butterflies - multiple localities holding on occasion up to 20 Small Tortoiseshells, 80 Brimstones, 35 Peacocks and 40 Commas, all of these especially attracted to pussy willow.


    In addition, following on from late March in what is turning out to be an exceptional start to the season for them, yet more of the two larger tortoiseshells - odd ones here and there, but even better a single locality chalking up no less than five Yellow-legged Tortoiseshells and three Large Tortoiseshells, while another managing four Yellow-legged Tortoiseshells and one Large Tortoiseshell.

    Also found another two Camberwell Beauties.

    Away from butterflies, one Black Stork flying over, Marsh Harriers back on territory at Labanoras and, best of the lot, seven pairs of Great White Egrets joining a heron colony adjacent to my land …the culmination of several years of signs of colonisation. Also had a couple of Hazel Grouse in Ropejos Forest.

    11-14 April. Warmer Lands.

    A chill returning to the air in Lithuania, temperatures barely exceeding 3-4 C. Fortunately however, I was scheduled for a short trip out of Lithuania - target one new species of butterfly.

    Details to follow...

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