Food Bill!!!
Written by Jos   

As an indication of the costs of a feeding station, a few figures fromone example winter ( the 2006-2007 feeding season). Across the three feeding stations, just how heavy was it on my wallet?



So, tallying back to the 1st October, the total consumption over the six month period came to:

Peanuts - 213 kg

Sunflower seeds (in husks) - 62 kg

Sunflower seeds (hearts) - 50 kg

Mixed seed - 54 kg

Niger seed - 5 kg

Fatballs - 180


And for the most painful statistic of the lot, the monetary value of all that nosh came to approximately 1750 litas (equivalent to £350). I do hope the birds appreciated it! To put it into context, the average monthly salary in Lithuania at that time was 1520 litas, the minimum salary just 550 litas! Fortunately it was a mild winter, hate to think what it could have been!!


Last Updated ( Sunday, 16 August 2009 )