First Flights. March 2017.
Written by Jos   

20-28 March. First Flights.


A full week earlier than the previous year, relative warm conditions brought the first butterflies onto the wing, so opening the 2017 season.


Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell



Ice on forest pools, temperatures hardly amazing at 7 C, but with a pleasant sun, the year kicked off in style with the first species noted being a Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell at Labanoras on the 20th! Added a Brimstone minutes later. Over subsequent days, temperatures sat at 10-11 C, I found another Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell, plus about ten Small Tortoiseshells, a Comma (on the 28th) and a handful of Brimstones.




So, spring was finally here, birds were pouring in, the first flowers of the season appearing in the meadows, plus a few frogs braving the cold waters.



  • 1. Brimstone.
  • 2. Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell.
  • 3. Small Tortoiseshell.
  • 4. Comma.



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