Road Trip USA. List of Mammals
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 Collared Pika



A total of 62 mammals were recorded on the trip from southern California to northern Alaska, this including 40 species in California and 27 in Alaska. Of these, three were only seen as road kills (North American Porcupine, American Marten and Striped Skunk) and one only recorded through the presence of signs (American Beaver).














1. North American Beaver

Alaska: signs of Beaver (lodges, dams, etc) noted at several locations in the south of Alaska, animal not seen.

2. American Porcupine

Alaska: one dead on road west of Tern Lake, Kenai Peninsula.

3. Merriam’s Kangaroo Rat

California: five on tracks in Cima area of the Mohave Desert at night.

4. Desert Kangaroo Rat

California: one near Bodie.

5. Western Grey Squirrel

California: three at Yosemite.

6. American Red Squirrel

Alaska: one in Juneau, three in and one at the beginning of the Dalton Highway.

7. Douglas’s Squirrel

California: three along Glacier Road, Yosemite.

8. White-tailed Antelope Squirrel

California: six in the Mohave Desert.

9. Yellow-bellied Marmot

California: four at Saddlebag Lake, Yosemite.

10. Hoary Marmot

Alaska: two on hills above Eielson in Denali National Park.

11. California Ground Squirrel

California: three at Mono Lake, moderately common at Yosemite at suitable localities and common in the hills around Pinnacles and along the Californian coast.

12. Belding’s Ground Squirrel

California: about ten at Bodie and four at Yosemite.

13. Arctic Ground Squirrel

Alaska: common on uplands at Denali and on the drier tundra at Toolik Lake and Deadhorse.

14. Round-tailed Ground Squirrel

California: a colony of about 20 animals located at the south of the Salton Sea.

15. Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

California: one at Yosemite.

16. Least Chipmunk

California: about five in Mono Lake area, at least 40 on Bodie Road.

17. Yellow-pine Chipmunk

California: one at Yosemite.

18. Lodgepole Chipmunk

California: several at Yosemite.

19. Merriam’s Chipmunk

California: several at Yosemite.

20. Townsend’s Chipmunk

Washington: two in the mountains of the North Cascades.

21. Alpine Chipmunk

California: six at Saddlebag Lake, Yosemite.

22. Taiga Vole

Alaska: one at Teklanika and one near Toklat River, both in Denali National Park.

23. Singing Vole

Alaska: one at Tern Lake, Kenai Peninsula.

24. Muskrat

California: one crossing between two channels in the south of the Salton Sea.

Alaska: one at Winchester Lagoon, Anchorage.

25. Dusky-footed Wood Rat

California: one at night on the edge of the Pinnacles campsite.

26. American Deermouse

California: three at night at Yosemite.

27. Brush Deermouse

California: one at night in the Pinnacles campsite.

28. Brush Rabbit

California: one at Moss Landing, four at Pinnacles.

29. Mountain Cottontail

California: one at Mono Lake.

30. Desert Cottontail

California: a minimum of 15 at various locations around Salton Sea, three at East Pinnacles and ten at West Pinnacles.

31. Black-tailed Jack Rabbit

California: one in the Mohave, one at San Luis Refuge, one at East Pinnacles and two at West Pinnacles.

32. American Pika

California: two at Saddlebag Lake and one Tioga Road, both in the Yosemite area.

33. Collared Pika

Alaska: five on scree in the Polychrome area of Denali Natioanl Park.

34. Bobcat

California: one late afternoon on the Marsh Trail at Big Morongo and one at East Pinnacles.

35. Coyote

California: two at dawn at the south of the Salton Sea.

Alaska: one near Sable Pass in Denali National Park.

36. Grey Wolf

Alaska: one distant individual at Deadhorse, also fresh tracks found at Deadhorse and along the river at Teklanika in Denali Natioanl Park.

37. Red Fox

Alaska: two individuals at Deadhorse.

38. Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear)

Alaska: Denali National Park: Day One - one in Igloo Canyon; Day Two – nine in total (female and 2 yearlings at Sable Pass, two adolescents play fighting at Sable Pass, two further separate individuals also at Sable Pass, two probable siblings near Polychrome Pass). Also, fresh tracks at Deadhorse and fresh scats aside the river west of Tern Lake, Kenai Peninsula.

39. Black Bear

California: one near Bodie and three within Yosemite National Park (Tioga Road, Chevron Meadow, Glacier Point).

Alaska: one at the beginning of the Dalton Highway.

40. Northern Raccoon

California: one in the campsite at night at West Pinnacles.

41. American Marten

Washington: one dead on the road in the North Cascades.

42. Striped Skunk

California: one dead on the road near East Pinnacles.

43. Sea Otter

California: a group of about 70 at Moss Landing, one at Ano Nueva.

Alaska: Six on route through the Inside Passage, two in Yakutat Bay, one in Seward, six off Anchor Point and a raft of about 60 at Homer.

44. Musk Ox

Alaska: in the Deadhorse area, a single was seen about 30 miles south, a herd of 22 about 10 miles south and a pair near the Sag River adjacent to Deadhorse itself.

45. Dall’s Sheep

Alaska: four at Denali (two Toklat River, two Igloo Canyon), one at Sag River on the Dalton Highway and 22 on mountains above the highway west of Tern Lake, Kenai Peninsula.

46. Tule Elk

California: 24 at the San Luis refuge.

47. Caribou

Alaska: about a dozen seen on the tundra at Denali and several in the Deadhorse area.

48. American Moose

Alaska: only five seen, all at Denali - two at Igloo Creek, two at Sable Pass and one from Polychrome Overlook.

49. Mule Deer

California: fairly common at Yosemite, appearing in meadows at dusk, plus through campsite at night. Also, one at San Luis Refuge, one at West Pinnacles and ten in the campsite at East Pinnacles.

50. Wild Boar (Feral Hog)

California: three crossing the road at night near East Pinnacles.

51. California Sea Lion

California: common in Monterey Bay.

52. Steller’s Sea Lion

California: abundant at the (distant) colony on an offshore island at Ano Nueva.

Alaska: All within the Inside Passage, eight at Dixon Entrance and about 20 in Icy Strait.

53. Northern Elephant Seal

California: numerous at the colonies, both at San Simean and Ano Nueva.

54. Harbour Seal (Common Seal)

California: three in Monterey Bay and about 50 at Moss Landing.

Alaska: a total of about 40 noted on route through the Inside Passage, singles off Anchor Point and Homer.

55. Common Dolphin

Alaska: a pod of six at the Dixon Entrance (Inside Passage).

56. Pacific White-sided Dolphin

Alaska: two pods (five and three animals) on route through the Inside Passage.

57. Harbour Porpoise

California: three in Monterey Bay.

Alaska: seven just outside Bellingham, two in Yakutat Bay.

58. Dall’s Porpoise

Alaska: a pod of five at the Dixon Entrance, at least 55 on the crossing of the Gulf of Alaska.

59. Killer Whale (Orca)

Alaska: three at  the entrance of Icy Strait, two pods (five and three animals) on the crossing of the Gulf of Alaska.

60. Blue Whale

California: a pod of twelve feeding animals in Monterey Bay.

61. Humpback Whale

California: two in Monterey Bay.

Alaska: at least 30 on route through the Inside Passage.

62. Short-finned Pilot Whale

Alaska: Identification issues, but at least three in the Inside Passage, two in the Gulf of Alaska


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