Birding in the Era of Coronavirus, STAGE ONE, March 2020.
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The early stages of the infection in Lithuania saw first restrictions on day-to-day life. It seemed Lithuania was following the path of other nations in Europe, perhaps three weeks behind, but heading for bad times nevertheless. As cases appeared, at least there was a silver lining to the month of March - it is the beginning of the spring migration season, birds arriving back in the country in growing numbers, plus early season butterflies taking to the wing. 


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Birding in the Era of Coronavirus, an East European View
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Labanoras birding





With expection of a lockdown and restrictions of movement, and thus birding, this diary was designed to document the evolution of the Coronavirus outbreak from the perspective of a single birder living in Lithuania, eastern Europe.






2020 had started in pretty stylish manner, an excellent trip to New Zealand continuing into New Year and a short trip to Israel in mid-February. However, clouds were already developing - even as I passed through Shanghai on route back from New Zealand on 11 January, media reports were growing by the day of a new Coronaviras spreading rapidly in Wuhan, a city I had never even heard of. Fast forward to the Israel trip, talk was of an impending pandemic, Israeli border officials were none too impressed with the Chinese entry stamps in my passport. Still, at that stage, it did seem a localized disease, hitting Asia badly, but leaving Europe largely unscathed.

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Island Endemics, Sardinia & Corsica
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Nettle-tree Butterfly



Travelling from 4-17 July 2019, this two-week trip focussed on the butterflies of Sardinia and Corsica, including species such as Nettle-tree Butterfly and, even more so, the dozen or so endemic species, top of the list the dramatic Corsican Swallowtail. Effort was also made to see the more notable birds of the two islands, including Eleonora's Falcon, Marmora's Warbler and the two endemics, Corsican Nuthatch and Corsican Finch.

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