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 Turquoise Blue


Travelling between 24-27 August 2016, this short trip was timed to coincide with the relatively brief period each year that Brown Bears emerge onto the open slopes of the Cantabrian Mountains to feed on berries. The plan was to look for the bears morning and evening, then spend the days searching for late season butterflies, this proving very successful with many species seen.

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Autumn Pickings. September 2016
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 Brown Argus



Despite the onset of autumn, still quite a flurry of butterfly activity throughout the month - Eastern Bath White, Clouded Yellow, Chalkhill Blue, Brown Hairstreak and Brown Argus amongst the near 30 species seen.

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Late Season. August 2016.
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Chalkhill Blue



As the season began to wind down, the focus in August turned to a few rare and localised localised species that appear late on the wing - chief amongst them Tree Grayling in Lithuania and Scotch Argus in Latvia. Also encountered a Brown Hairstreak, two Brown Argus, a few more Chalkhill Blues and, major rarities, a Clouded Yellow and a second Meleager's Blue.

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