Norway 2013, Musk Ox & Snowfields.
Written by Jos   

Musk Ox 




A mini expedition to seek out Musk Ox on the frozen snowfields of Dovrefjell mountains, an epic little trip combining stunning landscapes, extreme weather and an iconic species in the European mammal fauna.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 March 2013 )
March 2013. Spring, mega minus in Lithuania & Norway.
Written by Jos   

 Bank Vole




Temperatures far below zero throughout the month, but some good times regardless, starting with Raccoon Dogs out from hibernation in Lithuania, plus woodpeckers drumming, and a super expedition to find Musk Ox in Norway.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 31 March 2013 )
The Coming of Owls
Written by Jos   

Spotted Eagle Owl

As winter gradually edges towards its end, so arrives the time of owls ... the best chances of the year to search out the various species that lurk in the vast forests of Lithuania. By March, Long-eared Owls and Tawny Owl should be in voice, Tengmalm's Owls also at their localities. Perhaps too a Pygmy Owl on my land or elsewhere, a trip to the north adding the possibility of Ural Owl.

To celebrate the season, a short photo montage of owls that I have photographed in recent years, a flit across the globe to dip into a selection from localities far and wide.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 March 2013 )
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