Butterflies of France (Alpes-Maritimes)
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In a landscape of limestone crags, impressive gorges and flower-rich meadows, this one-week butterfly extravaganza in July 2015 visited Mercantour National Park in southern France, focussing on altitudes of up to 2350 metres. With excellent weather, temperatures reaching 35 C, the trip was both enjoyable and highly successful - in total, no less than 104 species of butterflies were seen, plus additional bonuses such as Alpine Marmot and Alpine Chamois, both new species of mammal for me.

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Baltic Mammal Challenge, July 2015.
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Fat Dormouse




A month dedicated to butterflies more than mammals, the highlight being a splendid 51 species recorded on a single day mid-month. However, still a nice bits and bobs on the mammal front, the best being six Fat Dormice in nestboxes near Vilnius. Also an American Mink in Labanoras, a Mole near Kaunas and assorted Red Foxes and Roe Deers scattered elsewhere.

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Morocco & Western Sahara, 19-28 June 2015
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Barbary Macaque


Tempted by the possibilities of Sand Cats and other exotic mammals of the night, this nine-day trip had two main goals: (i) mammals across the region, and (ii) a sampling on the seawatching off Cap Rhir, north of Agadir. The trip was a remarkable success with 17 species of mammal recorded, including Sand Cat and Barbary Macaque, and seawatching that far exceeded my expectations, the absolute highlights being no less than 14 White-faced Storm Petrels and 15 Barolo Shearwaters.


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