October 2013.
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Three-toed Woodpecker




Top news, one Parrot Crossbill at Labanoras and the return of Three-toed Woodpecker to my Labanoras plot, faithfully back for his third winter on the trot, super. Add to that a few days in western Ireland and Great Britian, Choughs, Storm Petrels and Yellow-browed Warbler amongst the modest returns, and October trickled by in fine fettle.

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September 2013. Change of Days.
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 Common Lizard


Season on the change - a cocktail of departing migrants, butterflies still on the wing and summer left-overs, Common Lizards sunning, Grass Snakes slithering. Amongst the Labanoras birds, White-tailed and Lesser Spotted Eagles,  Corncrake and surprises in the form of Water Rail and Eurasian Wigeon.

Also plenty of mammals active -  Wild Boars galore, Raccoon Dogs, Red Foxes and Badgers also plentiful


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 October 2013 )
Footnote. The Death of A Bear.
Written by Jos   




With some distress, I was to later hear that the blond Black Bear in Yosemite that had provided one of my most memorable encounters of this entire trip was euthanized just days later. Seventeen years old and a long-term resident of the Glacier Point area, the powers that be decided she had indeed become a ‘problem bear’, that she was becoming emboldened and potentially a threat to human health.




My photographs are the last ever to be taken of her. Visitors to Yosemite are told time after time not to leave food in view, not to leave windows open. And yet a minority still do. They, not the bear, are the guilty parties. To them, an epitaph for this fine bear should be inscribed ‘You came, you killed'.

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