December 2013. Snowbirding.
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Snows of Labanoras






Snowbirds. Residing in the northern parts of the U.S. and Canada, this uniquely American non-feathered species is actually a derivative of Homo sapiens that has adapted to the rigours of the cold climes of the north. Come the season of snow and chill, undertaking a migration rivalling the more familiar Snow Geese, leagues of these folk flee to the south, settling in the balmy delights of Florida and the like for the winter's duration.


And so it will be for me, half a month enduring the snow of Lithuania, then aboard a jumbo jet to see the year out in sunny Florida, on the trail of the Snowbirds in the land of the Everglades and Merritt Island.


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November 2013. Feeder Stats.
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Feeding, ringing and watching, a good late-autumn month at Labanoras. Plenty of birds caught for ringing, a full seven species of woodpecker populating my woodland and, highlight of the first week, a Rough-legged Buzzard pausing in the meadows for a while. Also Red Squirrel on the feeders an, rare in Lithuania, a Black Rat.

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October 2013.
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Three-toed Woodpecker




Top news, one Parrot Crossbill at Labanoras and the return of Three-toed Woodpecker to my Labanoras plot, faithfully back for his third winter on the trot, super. Add to that a few days in western Ireland and Great Britian, Choughs, Storm Petrels and Yellow-browed Warbler amongst the modest returns, and October trickled by in fine fettle.

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