The Canary Islands 2012, Fuerteventura & Tenerife.
Written by Jos   

Blue Chaffinch 


The Canary Islands, home to package tour holidays, all-inclusive hotels and budget airlines, a realm of the sun-seeker. Thanks to their geographical isolation however, and due to a number of recent taxonomic splits, the islands also boost a whole raft of endemic and near-endemic birds, including such notables as Fuerteventura Chat, Houbara Bustard, Blue Chaffinch and both Bolle's and Laurel Pigeons

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December 2012. Winter Wonderland.
Written by Jos   


A month in Africa and another in India, separated and followed by poor weather in Lithuania and a relative lack of activity, my monthly diary had fallen by the wayside. With the start of December and the onset of snow and the sub-zero, time to get the reports up and running again!

And what a month, seven species of woodpeckers on my land, Red Squirrels at both my Vilnius and Labanoras feeding stations, an unseasonal Lesser Whitethroat in Vilnius, an bird showing features of the eastern halimodemdri race and, to top it off, excellent video of a Pine Martin attending my feeders!

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Part Three. Ranthambhore and Tigers.
Written by Jos   




A short excursion into Rajasthan to visit Ranthambhore National Park and its immediate surrounds, an excellent few days with an eventful Tiger encounter, plenty of birds and an end with a bump on a train! Top birds included Bonelli's Eagles hunting Cattle Egrets, an Crested Serpent Eagle, several Great Thick-knees and a Large Cuckoo-Shrike feeding a fledged youngster.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 25 November 2012 )
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