Part One. Bharatpur & Surrounds.
Written by Jos   

 Painted Stork





Before the main adventures in the high Himalaya, a four day excursion focussing on the amazing wetlands of Bharatpur, a mosaic of waters, islands and scrubby surrounds that just drip with a multitude of breeding storks, herons and other waterbirds. After a few dry years, the colonies were back to their old glories, Painted Storks in their hundreds the absolute highlight.


Also managed a short stop on the Yumina River at Agra, birding under the shadow of the Taj Mahel. A surpringly good selection of birds in this most magnificent of settings, including River Lapwings and assorted waders.



Last Updated ( Friday, 23 November 2012 )
Into the Land of the Snow Leopard
Written by Jos   



The Grey Ghost of the Himalaya, the Snow Leopard is a feline of almost mystical status. Rare, elusive, restricted to the some of the world's highest and most remote locations, this truly is the Holy Grail of the big cats. Hiking into the high altitudes of Ladakh, this report outlines our attempts in October 2012 to find the cat, a journey into stunning landscapes and memorable wildlife encounters.



Last Updated ( Sunday, 25 November 2012 )
South Africa. Part Three, Kruger National Park & Swaziland.
Written by Jos   

Plains Zebra 


The jewel in South Africa's crown, the vast Kruger National Park boasts not only one of the highest mammal diversities anywhere in Africa, but also an impressive bird list totalling over 500 species. Covering almost 20,000 square kilometres, a visit of short duration is always going to be a mere scratch of its surface, even more so due to the range if habitats present and the significantly differing natures of the north and south.


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