South Africa. Part One, Western Cape.
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A week-long loop starting and finishing in Cape Town. Incorporating the West Coast National Park, the remote expanses of the Tanqua Karoo, the fertile Agulhus Plain and excellent De Hoop nature reserve, this part of the trip then concluded with a number of localities around Cape Town itself, plus a super pelagic trip into the waters south of the Cape of Good Hope.

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South Africa, Felines & Critters of the Night.
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South Africa, a land both vast and amazing. Arid deserts, lush sub-tropical forests, lowland fynbos, spectacular snow-capped peaks of the Drakensburg, all combine to produce a mouth-watering diversity of both birds and mammals, the country boasting at least 850 species of bird and 300 of mammal.




Being in the fortunate position of having already spent over two years in southern Africa and having seen over 800 bird species on the sub-continent, this latest escapade of three weeks could allow me focus not only on the regions I enjoy the most, namely the arid semi-deserts of the Karoo and Kalahari, but also turn my attention to mammals in a more dedicated manner, the idea to seek out felines and some of the more elusive night mammals, all of which achieved most successfully.

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August 2012. A Summer Ending.
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White Stork 

After three weeks exploring the wilds of South Africa, August saw me back in Lithuania, plodding the familiar grounds. With a distinct feel of an autumn in the making, some good days to welcome me back to the country, highlights of which were a Red-footed Falcon and mini-influx of Nutcrackers at Labanoras, plus a wealth of late butterflies, including Idas Blue, Queen of Spain Fritillary and Large Tortoiseshell, and a good passage of raptors, the highlights being Osprey, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Honey Buzzard and Common Kestrel.

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