Ringing the Month. November 2014.
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White-backed Woodpecker


Nutcrackers teasing, woodpeckers at the feeders. Summer long gone, fields and meadows near devoid of birds, it is the start of my winter ringing season at the feeders ... quite a good start - White-backed and Middle Spotted Woodpeckers amongst the initial haul, Nutcrackers and Black Woodpeckers in the immediate neighbourhood.

Elsewhere, Black-throated Divers and seaducks the best of the rest.


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Batumi, Georgia - Guns, Raptors & Rain.
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Steppe Eagle



Driven by a quirk of geography, funnelled by the Black Sea to the west and the Caucasian Mountains to the east, the Batumi area of eastern Georgia sees one of the greatest raptor migrations in the World - in a short two-month period, over a million birds of prey use this bottleneck, Honey Buzzards, Steppe Buzzards and Black Kites accounting for the bulk, though no shortage of assorted eagles, harriers and hawks adding to the variety.

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Flavour of Raptors. September 2014.
Written by Jos   

Red-footed Falcon




Red-footed Falcons, migrating White-tailed Eagles, Lesser Spotted Eagles overhead, all part of the impressive mix of raptors marking the first few days of September on my Labanoras plot. And then, upping the ante, a little excursion to Georgia in mid-September adding Pallid Harrier, Levant Sparrowhawk and Honey Buzzard to the mix.

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