September 2017. Distinctly Autumn.
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Brown Hairstreak


Departure of birds, abundant fungi, cool blustery conditions, summer a memory. On sunny days however, still butterflies flying, not least Queen of Spain Fritillaries and Pale Clouded Yellows, plus late records of Silver-spotted Skipper, Brown Hairstreak and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. Even more remarkable, a Large Copper, Large Skipper and two Camberwell Beauties in the latter parts of the month.

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Autumnal Andalucia 2017, Butterflies & Migration.
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European Chameleon



September in Andalusia, raptors across the Strait of Gibraltar, flocks of Greater Flamingoes and other waterbirds on the saltpans, a fantastic array of traditional resident species across the region. However, for me, the main focus of this four-day trip was the search for several late season butterflies, most specifically Two-tailed Pasha, Geranium Bronze and the highly localised Desert Orange Tip and Zeller's Skipper.





Bald Ibis



Despite September being way past the peak butterfly season, I did still manage to see a total of 22 species, including all my targets, plus some additional bonuses such as European Chameleon and a good range of birds, including impressive raptor movements and some highly desirable species such as Rüppell's Vulture, Long-legged Buzzard and Bald Ibis.

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Dupont's, Nettle-trees and Festoons, Spanish Triple.
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Spanish Festoon


Primarily a short trip to Catalonia to search for Spanish Festoons, Nettle-tree Butterflies and other early season butterflies, the trip evolved a little to include a detour to seek Dupont's Lark, one of the last of Europe's regular breeding birds that I had yet to see. With this in mind, traveling from 7-14 April 2017, the basic itinerary was a day on the Belchite Steppes for the Dupont's Lark, then a day in the Ebro Delta, then the remainder of the week in northern Catalonia, looking for the target butterflies.


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