Baltic Mammal Challenge, October 2015.
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The BIG 50 is reached.

After early month highlights including rampaging Wild Boars, focus naturally turned to seeking a final species to bring my Baltic Mammal Challenge to its target, the Holy Grail of 50 species in 2015 in the Baltic States. Failed yet again to see a Muskrat at another potential location, failed to catch any new rodent species at assorted localities around the city ...but turning closer to home paid dividend on the 10th - House Mouse in my Labanoras house, a species that had been eluding me for weeks in more urban settings!

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Visit of the Woodcock
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Something big trashed my grain feeder a few days earlier, probably a Moose or Wild Boar, so I had left a camera to catch the culprit. An unexpected wanderer however was a smart Woodcock, not a common bird on my land.


Not top quality video, but CLICK HERE for a short video clip of the bird.


Revealing the secrets of the night in Labanoras, more videos available here - Otters, Pine Martens, Wild Boars et al.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 September 2015 )
Baltic Mammal Challenge, September 2015.
Written by Jos   

Brown Bear



Autumn arrives, temperatures finally dropping a few degrees. A good start to the change of seasons with a mini trip to Estonia resulting in both Brown Bears and Ringed Seals and then an assortment in Lithuania including highlights such as Daubenton's and Brant's Bats already in their winter roosts, Noctule Bats elsewhere and, critical additions to the year list, a Brown Rat near my home and Fallow Deer on the coast.


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