Bonanza Month. June 2018.
Written by Jos   

Black Hairstreak



A stunning month of impressive butterflies! Among the highlights, a flight of Twinspot Fritillaries, several Nickerl's Fritillaries and Cranberry Fritillaries and good numbers of Black Hairstreaks and Ilex Hairstreaks. Additionally, large numbers of Green-underside Blues, several Alcon Blues and a good range of other species such as Poplar Admirals and Woodland Browns.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 July 2018 )
Dragonflies, May 2018.
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Black-tailed Skimmer




Bar a small number of Siberian Winter Damselflies a few weeks earlier, my 2018  season for Odonata really kicked off in May with very good numbers of both dragonflies and damselflies flying from the very first day of the month.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 June 2018 )
High Spring. May 2018.
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Downy Emerald



Amazing weather throughout the month, producing many species early this year - Baltic Grayling, Clouded Apollo, Violet Copper, Green-underside Blue and Bog Fritillary among the butterflies flying, Downy Emeralds, Golden-ringed Dragonfly and Norfolk Hawker among the dozen species of dragonflies.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 June 2018 )
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