Baltic Mammal Challenge, January 2015
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 Roe Deer




Month one of the challenge, the country under a layer of snow, juicy critters to start things off - Pine Marten, Stone Marten and Otter on my land at Labanoras; tracks of Moose, Lynx and Wolf for added effect

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Baltic Mammal Challenge, 2015
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In lands inhabited by elusive critters such as European Lynx, Brown Bear and Flying Squirrel, I decided to dedicate 2015 to an attempt on a 'Big Year' in the three Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), the target being to see somewhere near 50 species of mammals by the year's end, a total I thought would be almost impossible.

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Ringing the Month. November 2014.
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White-backed Woodpecker


Nutcrackers teasing, woodpeckers at the feeders. Summer long gone, fields and meadows near devoid of birds, it is the start of my winter ringing season at the feeders ... quite a good start - White-backed and Middle Spotted Woodpeckers amongst the initial haul, Nutcrackers and Black Woodpeckers in the immediate neighbourhood.

Elsewhere, Black-throated Divers and seaducks the best of the rest.


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