Road Trip USA. Salton Sea to Arctic Ocean
Written by Jos   


 Black Bear



Desert to tundra, Greater Roadrunner to Spectacled Eider, blistering heat in lands ninety metres below sea level to snow on the heights of the remote Brooks Range in Alaska, this trip was an ambitious undertaking not least due to the fact I was not sure how or if I could actually complete the last leg of the journey.






The aim of the trip was simple, get from end to the other, enjoy a juicy bonanza of mammals, turning out to be over 60 species, along with oodles of birds.

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June 2013. Summer Smalls.
Written by Jos   

Common Frog 


Off on travels across America at the end of the month, but in the meantime Lithuania basked in a mini-heatwave, daily highs approaching 30 C, plenty of sudden violent thunderstorms and the annual bonanza of breeding birds livening up the countryside.

Butterflies, frogs and small mammals too, all in all a good period on the home ground.

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May 2013. Classic Spring Times.
Written by Jos   

Collared Flycatcher 

A good start to the month with a male Collared Flycatcher amongst the incoming migrants, a Muskrat on my land at Labanoras and a pair of Wrynecks in my garden. Other highlights included several Large Tortoiseshells, a number of Hawfinches at my garden feeders and Montagu's Harrier at Labanoras. By mid-month, a bevy of butterflies, including Swallowtails and Short-tailed Blues, along with continuing arrivals of migrants, Honey Buzzards, Red-backed Shrikes and Golden Orioles amongst the collection.


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