November 2013. Feeder Stats.
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Feeding, ringing and watching, a good late-autumn month at Labanoras. Plenty of birds caught for ringing, a full seven species of woodpecker populating my woodland and, highlight of the first week, a Rough-legged Buzzard pausing in the meadows for a while. Also Red Squirrel on the feeders an, rare in Lithuania, a Black Rat.

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October 2013.
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Three-toed Woodpecker




Top news, one Parrot Crossbill at Labanoras and the return of Three-toed Woodpecker to my Labanoras plot, faithfully back for his third winter on the trot, super. Add to that a few days in western Ireland and Great Britian, Choughs, Storm Petrels and Yellow-browed Warbler amongst the modest returns, and October trickled by in fine fettle.

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September 2013. Change of Days.
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 Common Lizard


Season on the change - a cocktail of departing migrants, butterflies still on the wing and summer left-overs, Common Lizards sunning, Grass Snakes slithering. Amongst the Labanoras birds, White-tailed and Lesser Spotted Eagles,  Corncrake and surprises in the form of Water Rail and Eurasian Wigeon.

Also plenty of mammals active -  Wild Boars galore, Raccoon Dogs, Red Foxes and Badgers also plentiful


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