Baltoji Voke - background & birds
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Baltoji Voke pools



From Latvia in the north-east to the Polish border in the far south, the eastern half of Lithuania is a broad swath of extensive forests and lakes. Yet, despite this abundance of water, there exists a paradox in that there is relatively little natural aquatic habitat of any great value to significant numbers of birds - most of the lakes are steep-banked, deep and provide little in the way of opportunities to either feed or breed.


The notable exceptions to this, including the internationally-important Nemunas Delta and the lakes of Zuvintas, Dusia and Metelys, are mostly in the south of the country or near the Baltic Sea. At these, the bird fauna is diverse and numerous, with both large numbers of breeding species and even greater numbers of migratory wildfowl. However, even though these sites are of extreme importance, they are also quite few in number, limited in geographical spread and, furthermore, of little use to the numerous waders that migrate across Lithuania, birds which require shallow water and exposed mud.

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