Part One: Morocco, the Southern Loop
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Trumpeter FinchFollowing the well-trodden path of many a generation of birder, my month in Morocco began with a loop southward from Marrakech, crossing the snow-ladden mountains of the High Atlas, enjoying the fantastic desert sites at Merzouga and Tagdilt, before crossing the country to reach the bird-rich Sous Valley and thereafter the Atlantic coast.  Covering 3700 km in total and all via the relative luxury of a rented car, these first two weeks of the trip were just one highlight after another - Desert Sparrows at Merzouga, Mourning Wheatear near Ouarzazate, Bald Ibises at Tamri and Crimson-winged Finches in the mountains to mention just a handful. But Morocco is Morocco, a fantastic all round birding locality, the overriding memory of these first two weeks being simply excellent birding everywhere.


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April 2007. Lithuania, Belarus and Poland, good days in all.
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White storks back at Labanoras

With Red-breasted Geese in Lithuania on the first weekend and Azure Tits in Belarus on the second, April certainly kicked off in style! Add on that, no less than five White-backed Woodpeckers, returning Penduline Tits, a photographed Black Woodpecker and the White Storks  back to my house, then all the ingredients were there for a classic month of birding. In addition, in both the Vilnius and Labanoras gardens, Hawfinches were regular and Great and Middle Spotted Woodpeckers continued to visit the feeders. As the month progressed, the kettle just kept bubbling ... Lithuania's second breeding Mediterranean Gull, several Caspian Terns and incoming migrants, including Lesser Spotted Eagles and Black-necked Grebes. And, for the grand finale of the month, Collared Flycatchers in Poland. 


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March 2007. Baltic Spring, butterflies and ice...
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White-tailed Eagle

February was cold, March wasn't! The difference, in fact, was little short of spectaular - in the space of just five days, the temperature rose a massive 40 degrees from the low of minus 32 at the end of February to a very respectable plus eight in the first days of March. And that set the scene for the whole month, very mild throughout and lots of migrants - no spectacular rares, but new species almost every day. Cranes, Bitterns, White Storks, Black Storks, they all returned during the month, along with incoming passerines, oodles of waterfowl and, as well as White-tailed Eagles, a few Rough-legged Buzzards and Hen Harriers. Plus, just to end the month, days and days of sun, temperatures rising and plenty of butterflies!

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