The Labanoras Project, origins and background
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Way back in the summer of 2004, up and down the country I travelled, a summer and a half looking for the perfect spot ...then finally my search was over, I stumbled across a small plot that seemed just the job. Up for sale, 35 hectares of forest and meadowland. I thought it over, it looked the perfect place to create my dream, a reserve to preserve a little corner of Lithuania and a selection of its birds. 





Then, as I pondered the debts I would incur, over flew a Roller, a bird in decline and nigh on extinct in Lithuania ...that just about clinched it, off to the bank manager I went and the rest is history. On the 1st of September that year, my reserve was born!

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May 2007. Lithuania, migrants and nestboxes!
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Red-backed ShrikeUnseasonally cool and wet, the first half of the month did nevertheless see a continuing trickle of migrants arriving. Golden Orioles, Red-backed Shrikes and Thrush Nightingales all appeared, along with Montagu's Harriers and Hobbies, plus a variety of waterbirds, including White-winged Black Terns. On top of this, the Mediterranean Gulls continued their stay at Baltoji Voke and reasonable numbers of Little Gulls began to move through. Best birding though was up at Labanoras, where not only did I chance upon a Bee-eater, but my nestboxes were almost over-flowing - very good numbers of Pied Flycatchers, high Starling occupancies, a Wryneck at one box and two Tawny Owls near fledging.


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Part One: Morocco, the Southern Loop
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Trumpeter FinchFollowing the well-trodden path of many a generation of birder, my month in Morocco began with a loop southward from Marrakech, crossing the snow-ladden mountains of the High Atlas, enjoying the fantastic desert sites at Merzouga and Tagdilt, before crossing the country to reach the bird-rich Sous Valley and thereafter the Atlantic coast.  Covering 3700 km in total and all via the relative luxury of a rented car, these first two weeks of the trip were just one highlight after another - Desert Sparrows at Merzouga, Mourning Wheatear near Ouarzazate, Bald Ibises at Tamri and Crimson-winged Finches in the mountains to mention just a handful. But Morocco is Morocco, a fantastic all round birding locality, the overriding memory of these first two weeks being simply excellent birding everywhere.


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