Oman & United Arab Emirates. Southbound.
Written by Jos   

Desert Wheatear


Starting and finishing in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, this entire trip was done in the comfort of a hire car. With good roads throughout, bar a few sandy moments here and there and some rough tracks in the mountains, my standard 2WD was quite ample and the trip of almost 6000 km went like clockwork. In short, this section of the report covers the first half of the trip, a route that took me from the U.A.E. to northern Oman and thereafter down to the fantastic tidal flats at Barr Al Hikman, before crossing the vast deserts to reach Dhofar, the endemic-rich southern district of Oman.

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February 2009. Three-toed Bonanza!
Written by Jos   

Three-toed Woodpecker

In a month that traditionally sees few birds, February proved be an excellent month - primarily with fantastic action at my Labanoras feeding station.

The feeders really hit the jackpot - not only did the female White-backed Woodpecker and a Grey-headed Woodpeckers visit throughout the month, but a fabulous Three-toed Woodpecker appeared on the 7th, my first ever in Lithuania and the eighth species of woodpecker on my land (seven during February!). Other highlights during the month included a search to see Bisons in Poland, various night escapades to search for owls and the chance finding of another Three-toed Woodpecker, this time a female in the north of the country. 


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January 2009. A Cracking New Year!
Written by Jos   

Pine Grosbeak

The year just hours old, a Raccoon Dog scampered across the road. Dawn had just broken, a Middle Spotted Woodpecker appeared in a tree. While most the world still slept off celebrations, mine were just beginning - primarily with a flock of Pine Grosbeaks, a major rarity in the Baltic States. In a New Year excursion, taking in Latvia and Estonia and adding Hazel Grouse, over 800 Steller's Eiders, several White-tailed Eagles and rafts of seaduck that numbered in their thousands, it was already looking to be an excellent year in the making.

Later, White-backed Woodpecker on my feeders, a trip across to Sweden for Europe's eighth ever Yellow-browed Bunting, plus Oriental Turtle Dove and Hawk Owl, the month just got better and better!


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