Delight of Spring. May 2019.
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Traditionally an excellent month in Lithuania, the numbers of butterflies rapidly increasing as the month progresses, including flights of some of the most enchanting species in the country.

Good month, with Swallowtails, Dingy Skippers and Clouded Apollos among the 20 species seenin the first half of the month, then a dramatic upswing with almost 40 species on the wing, including more Clouded Apollos, highly localised Mallow Skippers and Violet Coppers, plus other goodies such as Bog Fritillary, Little Blue and Green-underside Blue.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 June 2019 )
Part One. Spring Butterflies of Israel and the Golan Heights.
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Mediterranean Tiger Blue




Visiting from 20-29 April 2019, this ten-day trip produced a rich assortment of the spring butterflies that exist in this diverse piece of territory, including Lebanese Festoon, False Apollo and Eastern Orange Tip in the Golan and Mediterranean Tiger Blue, Blue-spotted Arab and Desert Bath White further south.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 June 2019 )
For A Festoon, Italy 2019
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Italian Festoon





Travelling in early April, the main goal of this three-day trip to southern Italy was to find Italian Festoon (Zerynthia cassandra), a species of butterfly restricted to the Italian Peninsula.

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 May 2019 )
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