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Written by Jos   

A bit of a duff month from the mammal challenge angle, not least due to the fact that I was in Japan for half the period (itself producing a selection of mammals including Sea Otter, Pilot Whale and Sika Deer) and the weather was far from amazing for much of the rest.


Daubentons Bat


Of the highlights whilst in Lithuania, a return to bat haunts allowed more views of Daubenton’s, Pond and Brant’s Bats. Rather less successful, several trips into the forests south of Vilnius yet again predictably failed to result in sighting of Wolf or Lynx, or Mountain Hare for that matter. Also not very successful, a number of sessions trying to catch small mammals resulted only in several Bank Voles and Yellow-necked Mice. That said, I did not actually do that much trapping as rather wet conditions prevailed, hardly conducive to trapping.



During the month, the only additions to the year list were American Mink and Stoat on the Moletai road and, by way of signs only (numerous fresh diggings), European Mole. Other species seen did include Red Fox and Roe Deer, while tracks of Wolf, Badger and Moose were also noted, along with a lot of tree-felling activity by Beavers.


23. European Mole (signs only)

24. American Mink

25. Stoat

26. Bank Vole

27. Yellow-necked Mouse


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