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Written by Jos   

A total of 72 species were seen, including all of the target birds (i.e. the endemic Cyprus Warbler and Cyprus Pied Wheatear, along with the Cypriot race of Scops Owl, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Eleonora's Falcon and Cretzschmar's Bunting). Naturally, a trip timed to coincide with the migrations seasons would produce a far higher total number of species, but overall I feel this was a very good total for a short summer break.



Systematic List


Mallard. Six at Zakaki Marsh and 40+ at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Ferruginous Duck. All at Zakaki Marsh, seven adults, plus a female with three ducklings.

Black Francolin. One male calling at Zakaki Marsh.

Chukar. Common, seen at all localities, both coastal and in the mountains. Best counts were approximately 40 at Petra tou Romiou and 15 at Asprokremmos Dam.

Little Grebe. Eight at Zakaki Marsh and 18 at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Shag. Seen on both visits to Petra tou Romiou, a single on the first day and two on the next.

Night Heron. One at Zakaki Marsh.

Squacco Heron. Two at Zakaki Marsh.

Cattle Egret. Two at Paphos Sewage Works.

Little Egret. One at Evretou Dam and 28 at Zakaki Marsh.

Goshawk. Juvenile bird below Evretou Dam.

Peregrine. One bird at Cape Aspro.

Eleonora's Falcon. Three to four birds seen from Kurion Beach. The birds were hunting and roosting on the cliffs west of the beach.

Kestrel. Fairly common, seen at most localities.

Greater Flamingo. One on Akrotiti salt pan, one at Zakaki Marsh.

Moorhen. Four at Zakaki Marsh.

Coot. 15 at Zakaki Marsh and 25+ at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools, breeding at both localities.

Black-winged Stilt. About 20 at Zakaki Marsh and 30 at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools, chicks also seen at the first locality.

Little Ringed Plover. One at Zakaki Marsh.

Kentish Plover. Five at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Spur-winged Plover. One at Paphos Sewage Works, four at Zakaki Marsh and 12 at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools. Pair incubating eggs found at the last location.

Little Stint. Six at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Wood Sandpiper. One at Zakaki Marsh.

Green Sandpiper. One at Evretou Dam.

Common Sandpiper. Two at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Common Redshank. One at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Yellow-legged Gull. Small numbers off Petra tou Romiou and Cape Aspro, a breeding colony of some hundreds on an island off Cape Drepano. Also, six at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Black-headed Gull. One at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Little Tern. Eight at Zakaki Marsh.

Rock Dove. Common throughout the island, most populations a mix of wild types and feral.

Wood Pigeon. Common in both coastal areas and in the mountains.

Collared Dove. Widespread, fairly common.

Turtle Dove. Three birds seen in the olive groves at the start of the Akamas Peninsula.

Great Spotted Cuckoo. Two seen in the area of Evretou Dam, both juveniles being fed by Magpie hosts.

Little Owl. Two birds at Asprokremmas Dam, one calling at night on the Akamas Peninsula.

Scop's Owl. At night, four calling and one seen in the hills above Agia Marina, then about 20 heard and one seen in the olive groves on the Akamas Peninsula.

European Nightjar. On the Akamas Peninsula, one flushed during the day and two seen at night, with about six more herd churning.

Common Swift. Common in coastal areas, especially over urban areas, typically occurring in flocks of 40-60.

Hoopoe. One at Asprokremmas Dam, two singles at Evretou Dam.

European Bee-eater. Two at Petra tou Romiou, two at Cape Aspro.

European Roller. One between Paphos and Polis, three at Evretou Dam and one on the Akamas Peninsula.

Crested Lark. One at Asprokremmas Dam, six at Zakaki Marsh and six at Larnaka Water Treatment Pools.

Barn Swallow. Common throughout Cyprus, seen at all localities.

Red-rumped Swallow. Four at Asprokremmas Dam and six on the Akamas Peninsula.

House Martin. Fairly common, particularly in lowlands and over towns.

Sand Martin. One at Zakaki Marsh.

Yellow Wagtail. Three juveniles at Zakaki Marsh, presumably fledged at this locality.

Cyprus Pied Wheatear. Fairly common in the hills, many pairs feeding recently fledged young. Away from the highlands, pairs also seen at Cape Aspro and the Akamas Peninsula.

Sardinian Warbler. Common in scrubby areas and bushland across the island. Appeared to be more common than Cyprus Warbler at localities such as Petra tou Romiou, though birds of both species tended to be very skulking in the heat.

Cyprus Warbler. Brief glimpses of birds at Asprokremmas Dam and Petra tou Romiou on the first day, then good views of about five at dawn on the second day, including three males.

Zitting Cisticola. Small numbers seen in rough grassland at Paphos Sewage Works and Zakaki Marsh.

Cetti's Warbler. One singing bird at Evretou Dam.

Reed Warbler. Common in the reeds at Zakaki Marsh.

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler. Small numbers seen - one at Asprokremmas Dam, two at Cape Aspro, two near Stavros, two at Evretou Dam.

Wren. One in the forests near Stavros.

Great Tit. Two at Asprokremmas Dam.

Coal Tit. Common in the pine forests at high altitude, at least 40 on a series of short stops near Stavros.

Short-toed Treecreeper. One near Stavros.

Masked Shrike. Two at Asprokremmas Dam, a pair feeding fledged young at Evretou Dam, a pair at Cape Aspro, a pair feeding young on the Akamas Peninsula, one near st, a pair near Evretou Dam.

Magpie. Common across the island.

Jay. Fairly common in the pine forests of the higher altitudes.

Jackdaw. Common in most areas, particularly around sea cliffs.

Hooded Crow. Abundant throughout.

House Sparrow. Abundant throughout, especially in towns and villages.

Spanish Sparrow. A flock of at least 25 at Paphos Sewage Works and 15 in reeds at Polis.

Chaffinch. Recorded only in the pine forest zone, with about eight in the Stavros area.

Linnet. Small flocks sen at several localities, both coastal and in the mountains.

Goldfinch. Fairly common, pairs and family groups seen at many of the localities visited.

Greenfinch. Widespread, occasional pairs and family groups seen in both coastal and mountain areas.

Cretzschmar's Bunting. A pair feeding recently fledged young near Stavros.

Black-headed Bunting. Two at Cape Aspro.

Corn Bunting. One bird near Evretou Dam.


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