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2018 Diary, Butterflies
Bonanza Month, June 2018. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

On the tail of many weeks of never-ending sun, so June also began with high temperatures and non-stop sunshine.  And with it, some pretty impressive butterflies - highlights in the first ten days including a flight of Twinspot Fritillaries, large numbers of Green-underside Blues, good numbers of Black Hairstreaks and several Nickerl's Fritillaries. With Alcon Blue, Poplar Admirals, Woodland Browns and Moorland Clouded Yellows also seen, a superb month it so started.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 June 2018 )
High Spring. May 2018. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

Downy Emerald



Amazing weather throughout the month, producing many species early this year - Baltic Grayling, Clouded Apollo, Violet Copper, Green-underside Blue and Bog Fritillary among the butterflies flying, Downy Emeralds, Golden-ringed Dragonfly and Norfolk Hawker among the dozen species of dragonflies.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 June 2018 )
Spring Flush. April 2018. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

Small Tortoiseshell



With rising temperatures, so the butterfly season truly began. From fairly good numbers in the first half of the month, with numerous Small Tortoiseshells and Brimstones, plus Camberwell Beauties, the second half of the month saw an absolute explosion in numbers, the first Swallowtails on the wing, plus butterflies flying in their hundreds by month end.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 May 2018 )
Flying on Ice. March 2018. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

24-25 March. Season 2018 opens!

Snow still in the woodlands, lakes and pools still under the grip of ice, but it is a time of change - temperatures climbing to above 5C, skeins of geese heading north,  White Storks and Cranes newly arrived.


 Siberian Winter Damselfly



And, despite the temperatures remaining low, just enough sun these couple of days to kick the season off - in vivid yellow, a male Brimstone on the 24th, then a Small Tortoiseshell the next day, one Siberian Winter Damselfly too.





So there it was, my first butterflies and damselflies of the year in Lithuania, so the season starts.



Last Updated ( Monday, 26 March 2018 )