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In a landscape of limestone crags, impressive gorges and flower-rich meadows, this one-week butterfly extravaganza in July 2015 visited Mercantour National Park in southern France, focussing on altitudes of up to 2350 metres. With excellent weather, temperatures reaching 35 C, the trip was both enjoyable and highly successful - in total, no less than 104 species of butterflies were seen, plus additional bonuses such as Alpine Marmot and Alpine Chamois, both new species of mammal for me.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 August 2015 )
Systematic List, Butterflies of Alpes-Maritimes. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

Heath Fritillary




During the week 23-29 July 2015, a total of 104 species of butterflies were seen on this trip to the Maritime-Alpes, including both Apollo and Small Apollo, as well as both Mountain Clouded Yellow and Moorland Clouded Yellow, along with 19 species of blues, 18 species of fritillary and 16 species of skipper. 


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