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Golden Jackal in Lithuania

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Written by Jos   


Golden Jackals, northern Iran



With the arrival of the first Golden Jackal Canis aureus individual in Lithuania in February 2015, the Ministry of the Environment moved immediately to add the species to the country's list of species that may be hunted and in May 2015 published a draft order to list the species as invasive. Evidence to justify the listing of Golden Jackal as an invasive species is lacking and the purpose of this paper is to provide a balanced argument against this position.




Extensively reviewing literature from across the range of Golden Jackal in Europe, evidence is presented to support the view that Golden Jackals arrived in the Baltic States as a result of natural spread and are thus not invasive. Alongside, it is also considered that Golden Jackals are not likely to have a significant impact on the Lithuanian environment beyond a potential reduction in Red Fox Vulpes vulpes numbers. Furthermore, it is not valid to compare the arrival of Golden Jackals with the arrival of known-invasive species such as Raccoon Dog Nyctereutes procyonoides and American Mink Neovison vison. Finally, a summary of official and media reactions to the arrival of Golden Jackal is presented and a set of conclusions delivered that could assist in the ongoing debate in Lithuania.


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