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Labanoras at Night
Secrets of the Night, Labanoras. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

Trip Cam



With the purchase of a trip cam in summer 2012, my eyes were opened to a whole new world, a privileged glimpse into the happenings of the night.

Placing the camera at carefullly chosen localities on my land in Labanoras, the results have been little short of amazing - Wild Boars galore, Raccoon Dogs, Badgers, both Pine and Stone Martens, an unexpected Polecat ...the camera truly has begun to reveal the secrets of this otherwise secret nocturnal world.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 September 2015 )
Visit of the Woodcock PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

Something big trashed my grain feeder a few days earlier, probably a Moose or Wild Boar, so I had left a camera to catch the culprit. An unexpected wanderer however was a smart Woodcock, not a common bird on my land.


Not top quality video, but CLICK HERE for a short video clip of the bird.


Revealing the secrets of the night in Labanoras, more videos available here - Otters, Pine Martens, Wild Boars et al.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 September 2015 )