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2009 Diary
December 2009. A Tale of Two Halves. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   





Another month set to be of two halves, the first mopping up the dribbles of winter in Lithuania, the remainder feasting on foreign delights in pastures new. Despite dankness and uninviting weather, highlights in the first two weeks included Waxwings, an Arctic Redpoll and movements of Hawfinch.




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November 2009. White-back is Back! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

White-backed Woodpecker

Temperatures dipping to minus six, deep snow, birds arriving on the feeders, a very late White Stork at Baltoji Voke, the first days of November signalled a notable change in conditions from the tail-end of October.

With birds departing and localities falling quiet, the best of the action in the first weeks was at the feeders, the highlight the return of a White-backed Woodpecker, a nice compliment to the Middle and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers that had arrived a week earlier.

From mid-month, with a Great Northern Diver snatching the headlines, a mini-influx of seaducks and divers livened proceedings, as did the first Waxwings of the season.

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October 2009. Shrike Delights. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   




Exodus on the Lithuanian front, geese heading south, passerines departing. Crested Tits and others at the garden feeders. Highlight of the month, however, was a trip to the UK - a double-billing of Brown Shrike and Red-flanked Bluetail, backed up by Spoonbills, Grey Phalarope  and flocks of Snow Buntings.





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September 2009. Neotropics to Baltic Cold. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

With half the month in superb Costa Rica and the remainder sulking back in Lithuania, the month's news can be summarized by a quick glance at the trip report for Costa Rica, then a perusal of the notes below for Lithuania.

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August 2009. Ups and Downs, Bye-Byes. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jos   

White Stork


Late summer ups and downs -  ups: the successful fledging of a Roller chick on my land, the finding of a Red-footed Falcon and butterflies including Silver-spotted Skipper, and Bath White, both new butterflies to add to my burgeoning list of species, plus nice views of Bee-eaters at a recently discovered colony; downs: the end of an era with the loss of one of the adult Rollers , the falling of one of the grandest trees on my land, plus the first hints of autumn with departing White Storks. Assorted other news: Black Kites, Golden Orioles galore, the start of the Nutcracker movement, no quiet in this neck of the woods.


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