Birding in the Era of Coronavirus, STAGE SEVEN, October 2020.
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Stage Seven. The Resurgence, October 2020.

As across Europe, back comes the Coronavirus, a higher intensity than in spring and an upward trajectory, the numbers of cases rising to over a hundred a day by the end of September, rising suddenly mid-month to over 400, then 600 a day (the highest total in spring was less than 80). By the month's end, the country was looking at 1000 cases a day ...for a little country, that is quite a lot, the number of cases per 100,000 now sitting pretty much average for Europe. But to that backdrop, pitifully few measures are in place to slow the rise.


Pygmy Owl

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Butterflies of the Italian Alps, August 2020.
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A short trip, primarily targeting late summer butterflies of Trentino, a picturesque area of the Alps north-west of Milan. Highly successful it proved, the five days producing no less than 73 species, including 15 species of ringlet and grayling, as well as other delights such as Provinçal Short-tailed Blue and both Apollo and Small Apollo.

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Arctic Butterflies, July 2020
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On remote mountains far beyond the Arctic Circle, there live a whole bunch of specialised butterflies, species that are, to me, almost mystical. About 16 species in all, the names alone are mouthwatering enough - Arctic Blue, Polar Fritillary, Dewy Ringlet, Norse Grayling and more.


Arctic Fritillary


However, with the world blighted by Covid-19 and its associated travel restrictions, and with myself suffering the consequences of tick-borne encephalitis, it was not perhaps the best time to ponder global travel. However, it was exactly what I felt I needed, so I decided on a 5350 km round-trip from Lithuania to the extreme north of Scandinavia to locate a number of these highly localised butterflies.

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